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Default Re: [Space] Climate & habitability of tide-locked planets

Originally Posted by David Johnston2 View Post
Why would the intersection of the equator and the terminator be east of the subsolar point?
A tide-locked world would have 6 identifiable poles:

- The subsolar and anti-subsolar points (which I like to call the day-pole and night-pole). The equator passes through both these points.
- The north and south poles. These point up and down from the planet's orbital plane, and are located on the terminator. The planet's rotational axis, due to its orbiting its star, passes through these poles.
- The east and west poles (for lack of clearer names). These would be the leading and trailing points in the planet's orbit. They'd be on the intersections of the equator and terminus. They might be significant for climatic patterns to gather at due to Coriolis forces.

These points might vary due to orbital eccentricity, libration, etc.

I'm not sure if the academic literature uses these terms exactly though.
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