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Default Re: Updated / New Character Sheets

Here's a Phoenix update. As always, it's available from my GCA tools page.

Phoenix, version 1.08 ChangeLog
  • Replaced the print bonuses and conditionals for the skill/spell group option with three new options, one for each major subgroup: skills and techniques (default: yes), ritual magic paths (default: no), and spells (default: no).
  • Added a new options section, Column Break Options, which includes options to force column-breaks before most of the major blocks. This is mainly useful to push blocks that would only be able to print a few lines in their starting column before running out of space to the next column before they start printing; for those that are bothered by that sort of thing.
PS: Several options, notably many in the skill/spell group, have had their names changed for the sake of internal consistency. While this doesn't affect how they work, no worries there, they will, in effect, be new to GCA since they have new names, so you may wish to check over your preferred options upon upgrading to make sure any customized option settings have not reverted to the sheet defaults. My apologies for the inconvenience.
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