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Default Re: World War One Psychics [Powers]

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
Well, it depends on investment. If one government invests in psychic powers and the other government does not, then the one that does not will probably not have too many psychics. Since the subtler psychic abilities are arguably the most useful psychic abilities, it is unlikely that the British government would have spent any real money, since the MPs at the time were absolutely devoted to building up the Royal Navy.

Thing is with that is in terms of investment it's going to hinge one how quickly it's realised there is real potential, and getting to that point might not depend on the kind of massive resource expenditure as ramping up a national system would.

There's also the point that the UK by itself (so not counting the empire) in 1900 has double the GDP of the AH empire.

If you include the empire it also has a vast population to draw from, although this has issues as well as benefits in this context. Among them is nationalism in the British empire is as much of a thing as it is in the AH empire!
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