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Default Re: World War One Psychics [Powers]

Well, it depends on investment. If one government invests in psychic powers and the other government does not, then the one that does not will probably not have too many psychics. Since the subtler psychic abilities are arguably the most useful psychic abilities, it is unlikely that the British government would have spent any real money, since the MPs at the time were absolutely devoted to building up the Royal Navy.

As for CP level, you would have to have fairly significant abilities in the first place to be noticed with TL6 technology (it is not like they have genetic testing). As mentioned before, less than 25 CP in the subtler abilities will likely not be noticed and less than 25 CP in obvious abilities could be discounted as tricks (especially since many psionic attacks must have Malediction and No Signature or are already undetectable by mortal senses). Beyond that, training could improve abilities greatly, as a character could gain 1 CP worth of abilities per week of Intensive Training, meaning that an extra 25 CP per year of abilities would not be impossible.

If a psychic needs 25 CP to begin with to be noticed or not discounted, and then can receive an additional 25 CP during a year of training, 50 CP is not unreasonable. Older psychics, trained with the initial methodologies, may have fewer points in abilities, as their training may have been less comprehensive or intensive. There would also be a population of untrained psychics, people who never manifested sufficient abilities to be detected or to not be discounted, as well as psychics too dangerous or too criminal to allow to keep their powers. In those cases, conditioning could suppress their talents and their abilities, and even remove the memory of them being psychics.
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