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Default Re: Another Approach to Spell/Talent Cost

I am not sure how other people think about 'legendary' characters, but I suspect they mean something I don't agree needs to be facilitated in TFT, which has always been a game built for, and best at, relatively closely-matched contests between combatants who fall within a certain range in power.

When you pull back and look at the full sweep of discussion on this forum, you can see a sort of schizophrenic conflict in our collective thinking: On one hand, many people recognize that the game isn't very fun once 'attribute bloat' sets in (I don't agree, but only because in my experience characters are always dead before that happens...), and on the other hand they want to have characters be exceptionally powerful, 'maxed out' or 'legendary' in their abilities. Presumably that means they have only modest chances of getting murdered on adventures, and they grow into stat levels and/or talents that blow everyone else's doors off.

We can't have it both ways, and Steve has to make a choice between these things. Personally, I already have about 873 published roleplaying games on my shelves in which player characters are functionally immortal super heroes, and I don't need another one. My preference is that TFT remains the game where player character legends are about that cool fight where they got killed.
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