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Default TL9 Spaceships

I am reading Starship books, and i have some questions about drives:
1) I have made some calculations, and it's looks like magsails are Just Better for interplanetary transportation inside of Solar system at TL9( without superscience) than everything else, especially if you don't want more than 10 systems dedicated to propulsion. Magsails are on par with reaction drives on AU1, and outperform then on AU2+ distances, which is quite important, if you plan to travel to Jupiter or Saturn. They are not the most expensive of all drives, they don't require fuel and their only drawback is inability to start from planet. Am i right, or i have missed something?
2)Related question: Which drives would you allow to be used in Earth atmosphere? It is obvious that Orion drive is off-limits, but what about other drives?
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