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Something for tactical consideration as a feature of TFT, though slightly out of the run of the mill here, is the potential application of a figure size adjustment. Reflected in the initial evaluation by phiwum, gargoyles are pointedly rated larger than mansize creatures throughout the rules, being of a physical not just figurative ST and massiveness at least 1/3 bigger. The counter for its figure is appropriately that of the full size markers shown in the Heniochus & Troll example, while a suitable human marker would be more hex contained, like that of the pikeman illustration. For a sample mechanic, in a confrontation of smaller to larger the larger figure could be given a +1 to hit or be hit through its corner- faced hexsides (left or right front or side), while the smaller is given a -1 to hit or be hit through its flatedge- faced hexsides (center front or rear).
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