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Default Re: Gargoyle hunting

Originally Posted by phiwum View Post
Thanks for the suggestion, Axly. A minor error is that the Lt Crossbow only fires once per turn, not twice, since it's a crossbow and not a bow.
Note that he is using the Light Crossbow sniper with Missile Weapons III to qualify for "Fires every other turn, or every turn if adjDX = 14+" at ITL 109.

It's one of the odd breakpoints in Legacy edition like Fencer where the advanced combat talents were made cheaper, easier and more effective.

Light Crossbow sniper vs gargoyle worked example:

Flying target is -4 to be hit minus another point per 10 feet (ITL 104)
So 32 hexes straight up is adjDX 14 -4 (flying) -12 (height) -4 (distance with ITL 125 adjustment for Missile Weapons) = adjDX -6 (hope for an automatic hit at best)

Second turn the gargoyle is 16 hexes above the sniper so adjDX is 14 -4 (flying) -6 (height) -3 (distance) = adjDX 1 (hope for an automatic hit at best)

Third turn the gargoyle lands on the sniper and hence they are in HTH so no third crossbow shot.
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