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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

After a natural 20 mailed backfist to the 'nads, the villain was hauled out and over the knights' horse. As the villain's mercenaries boiled out of the guardhouse, the knight shouts:
'This man pays your wages! One step closer and he dies!'
-as they thought about it, we took off on horseback and escaped with the villain. Later found the mercs ransacked the castle and dispersed. Victory all round, the GM dropped ten pages of a fight and pursuit scenario in the waste paper basket in protest.

Then there was the time the whole party were hit with a confuse spell, or some hallucinogenic effect, I forget.
Party: 'Uhhh...'
Squeaky voice from nowhere: 'Candyfloss, sir?'
All: 'Oh, thank you...' (Geek points to be won!)
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