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Default Re: Further Discussion on Stun Grenades

Originally Posted by MrFix View Post
Can you elaborate on your personal experience? The ones I've had experience with caused a huge blind spot to develop in your vision, and burst both of your eardrums if you were in a room with it and dared to look towards it.
US Army Joint Readiness Training Center, Ft Polk. Both as part of a unit doing MOUT qual, and later as OPFOR stationed there. Never had one dropped in my lap, but I've been in the same room/corridor within 5 meters or so. It's a damned awful experience, but not one that makes you non-functional for dozens of seconds.

FWIW, I wasn't complaining about the mechanical potency, just that it normally will take a $hit-ton of rolls for a HT 10 person to succeed on a HT-5 roll.

For $hits and giggles, I just did some test rolls for 4 HT 10 NPCs.

Here's how many rolls/seconds it took for them to recover from the standard Stun Grenade in High Tech:

1st NPC: 15 rolls/seconds
2nd NPC: 21 rolls/seconds
3rd NPC: 48 rolls/seconds
4th NPC: 07 rolls/seconds

I get that data is anecdotal, but it pretty much mimics the experiences I have had in actual games. NPCs that get flashbanged are DONE unless they have one or more of the following:

  • Good quality Eye/Ear protective equipment
  • Robust Hearing/Vision Perks
  • HPT/Protected Hearing/Vision/other such Advantages
  • High HT Attribute (13+)
  • Heaps of luck and/or Luck

To be honest the only issue with Stun Grenade that I see is that it has zero crushing explosive damage, so it cannot take advantage of High-Tech's optional rules for explosions in interiors. Stingballs are superior in that regard, because they come with effects of flashbang AND release shrapnel AND cause cr ex damage.
That's fair. Being near one is like someone hitting your chest with a sledge hammer.
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