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Default Suggestion for a Car Wars Game Play video

I have really enjoyed the new Car Wars game play videos. They are really going to help me hit the ground running when the game arrives.

I am putting in a request. I would love to see an arena scenario video. Any arena scenario would be interesting to watch. I will suggest mine:

Scenario name: Lap-shoot

Map layout: regular map but with a 4 x 4 inch pice of blocking terrain in the middle. Something you can do a lap around.

Scenario: All cars must do a lap ( Clock wise ) of the arena BEFORE they can shoot. All players MUST travel clockwise for 1 lap before they travel in any other direction. Cars enter from the middle of the of their edge. If only two players, they set on opposite map edges.

Notes: The spirit of this scenario is for players build a car that is a balance between a hotrod and a gunship. If you build a hotrod you will probably do your lap quickly will be shooting the other players first. Or you you could make a slower gunship that can take a pounding and out gun a car built for speed.

You may ram other cars at any time. You may make a car built for ramming only. You only have to do the lap if you want to shoot.

Notes to SJG Games: You probably have you hands full with running a company in covid affected world, it's just a suggestion. If you don't like this scenario, then play your own. I would love to see that.

EDIT TO ALL READERS: - Whats the first Arena Scenario you are going to play with the new Car Wars? Give us some details. :)

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