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Default Re: Rev Trike Costs : Rules & Ambiguous Wording etc .

I've always read chassis and body as synonymous.

Technically chassis is a subcomponent of body (as body includes chassis plus lights, seats, targeting system etc.) but since later under body weight it mentions "body and frame" as being included in the stat line of the body type it also means the "body type" cost includes the body, frame and chassis. There is no such thing as chassis cost, body cost or frame cost, there is only a Body Type cost.

With the reversed trike the 50% extra is applied to the base "Body Type" cost. Any chassis or suspension upgrades are based on that new body cost since basic chassis and suspension are all part of the "Body Type".

But to be honest this isn't explicit and back in the day we had people who argued that improved suspension was based on modified chassis costs (rather than as now explicitly stated on the base body type cost).

As long as you are consistent in your games it probably doesn't matter much even with CA Frame, the extra components you are adding (because you now have hundreds of pounds more to play with) will usually increase the cost far more than the cost of the CA Frame itself.

For reference CWVD increases the Body Type cost by 50% and then applies chassis and suspension mods on this increased cost. Putting the Survivor from CWC 2.5 through it matches the published numbers so this indicates CWC 2.5 uses this ruling also.

Ordinarily I would check more examples, but there are very few examples of published reverse trikes and very few trikes at all after the rules allowing chassis upgrades was introduced. The Hammerhead in VG uses different design rules (and I can't even get it to work with the rules published in the same book!)

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