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Default Online 4e Character Archive

Is the an online archive that exists where GURPS 4e folks can upload PDFs of their created characters (heros, NPCs, whatever) to an online repository where other can browse and download the PDFs of the characters? The characters could be sorted by genre, TL, profession, etc...

UPDATE: The beta version of the site has launched. Come browse and upload. No account necessary.
Note: Site now also includes "Beasts" to challenge the PCs!

Browsers could rate the characters with 1-5 stars, based on various criteria.

This could be useful, say for GMs, who need a "medieval bartender" or "1920s detective" or "starcruiser officer", etc. or just people who are bored and curious, or what to show off their character designs.

Is this something that would be cool?

Is this something that would be legally OK with SJG? Its just PDFs of character sheets.

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