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Default Re: Emerging smokepowder weapons in my fantasy

Originally Posted by Joseph Paul View Post
Re: Needing adventurers for scrounging ingredients. Sounds like a much more logical reason for delving!
Oh, it is.

Alchemy and enchantment rules depend heavily on exotic incredients, which demand a constant stream of soldiers of fortune prepared to enter foul and dangerous places.

Originally Posted by Joseph Paul View Post
Re: Economics of warfare - Given what you have laid out I see a plot with a sneaky peace faction working hard to check the wizards and dismantle the archer corps so that smokepowder comes to the fore. Very shortly all parties realize they can have enough to defend with but not enough to mount an offensive. War becomes limited, perhaps Peace gets a chance?
If all the powers were relatively organised and self-interested mercantile powers, that might have a better chance of working. Unfortunately, the presence of 'savage' races that breed much faster than humans and compete for the same resources mean that constant warfare appears inevitable.

Originally Posted by Joseph Paul View Post
Or there is a huge moral dillema in it for the PCs at the critical junction? Aww now I am drifting.
Their biggest moral dilemma, I would think, is that the best chance for permanent peace in the setting involves genocide against the fast breeding and primitive races of orcs, goblins, etc.

Originally Posted by Joseph Paul View Post
Have you got enough divergent opinions to deal with your player's conundrum?
Sure, but why should that stop anyone from kibitzing? ;)

In any event, I can always use more opinions.
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