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Default Re: Game Settings Written for the Game System vs. Generic Systems

Originally Posted by panton41 View Post
I came to realize that while GURPS is an excellent system, everything you play is just, well, GURPS-flavored. [...] Does this make sense to other people here?
I usually take descriptions of a game system's "flavor" to mean that the person is focusing more on the mechanics of the game than on the gameplay itself. Ideally, when you get comfortable with a system, the mechanics blend into the background and simply facilitate the adventure. As long as the outcomes seem appropriate to the setting, it doesn't really matter what happens behind the GM's screen or on the character sheet.

I spent a lot of time trying to streamline GURPS to suit the flighty feel of pulp adventures when I was running GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol. I eventually realized I was wasting my time: the pulp feel was in the characters and situations, not in the stats on the character sheet or how quickly you could resolve complex situations.

If you just relax and let the game be the game, you can focus on the adventure and making the right calls to produce the outcomes that suit the feel that you want.
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