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Default Game Settings Written for the Game System vs. Generic Systems

I've played GURPS off and on since about 1995, but recently took a break from it and got into other game systems. I came to realize that while GURPS is an excellent system, everything you play is just, well, GURPS-flavored. I also came to realize the same thing about the (very different) Fate system.

During the break from GURPS I got into the Chronicles of Darkness (aka "New" World of Darkness), Shadowrun 4th and 5th Edition FFG Star Wars RPG, Star Trek Adventures, Starfinder and Pathfinder 2Ed and realized how many of them were designed around a publisher's in-house system they used for several, often very different, settings. Which got me realizing many of the official GURPS settings really wouldn't work well in another system.

So it kind of dawned on me (rather recently) that the years I spent trying to shoehorn other system's settings into GURPS would have been better spent just learning those systems and to use GURPS for the things it does better. (Though, honestly, I think GURPS could do Shadowrun better than the actual Shadowrun system.)

Does this make sense to other people here?
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