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Default Re: Best objets d'art found in adventures?

Is an armoire an objets d'art? The thing my group will never forget (and they prove this by reminding me at every opportunity) is a bronzewood armoire found in an Eberron module.

It was a throwaway detail in a room at an abandoned magical research base and I'd bet pretty much anything that the module writer thought "bronzewood" was like double-special oak and only worth 2 or 3 times as much as regular wood.

Instead it is a magical substance unique to Eberon and so tough that incredibly affluent but clumsy Druids are supposed to make plate armor with. It costs 500 GP pe rlb. So that was the easy part. The hard part was figuring out how much this piece of furniture weighed.

It might not have mattered if the PCs had not had a wagon but the writer gave the bad guys a wagon and guess where that wound up? This also enabled them to take the adamantine doors and the 2000 sunrods. No, they haven't forgotten the sunrods either.
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