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Default Re: Best objets d'art found in adventures?

Definitely the shield (it never had a name as such everybody knew what you meant), an outsized buckler with a polished bronze face and a blackened boss forming a very detailed bulls head. Not in anyway magical or, as a working shield, particularly well made but very striking.

It turned up in a collection of junk piled up in a cultists shrine and triggered a bit of an 'It must be mine!' response amongst the PC's, a group of exiled soldiers going by the title of the Company of the Black Bull.

After several PC deaths and much cultist slaughtering it passed into our hands, or more accurately into the hands of our almost completely ineffectual NPC leader (a deposed civic leader we had, unwillingly, followed into exile) where it served as a standard for the company throughout their almost successful quest to restore him to power.

The big joke is that it was created as a throwaway detail in the description of a room by the GM before the campaign derailment that left us exiled and before we chose the name.

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