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Default Re: Fixing round length in GURPS

Originally Posted by kirbwarrior View Post
That makes perfect sense. Also, did not know Waits were not secret. Welp, time to change up how battles work.
Waits were not secret? It is the last maneuver for Combat Lite (Basic Set pg 325) so I'm not sure how anyone could think it was a secret.

Side note: Anything on page 336 and below (Characters) is accessible to the players. Now 337 and above (Campaigns) could be considered the GURPS equivalent of the DMG but as mentioned Combat Lite is in the Characters section.

Now the advanced combat system - that is in the Campaigns and personally I tend to avoid it as it can get D&D4e levels of bogged down if you or your players really aren't familiar with the Combat Lite version of the GURPS combat system.
Help make a digital reference for GURPS by coming to the GURPS wiki and provide some information and links. Please, provide more then just a title and a page number.
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