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Default Re: Fixing round length in GURPS

Originally Posted by maximara View Post
While Karate was a single style in GURPS Classic Martial Arts there are clear variants in GURPS Martial Arts (4e) so your experience with what ever variant you learns may not be true for all variants of Karate.

See the GURPS wiki's GURPS Martial Arts for a long list of the styles in both books.

Also cinematic styles such as Ranma 1/2's Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū aka Anything Goes Martial Arts (effectively a beefed up satire of Jeet Kune Do) have a Wait state that give the impression of not being ready at all.

While most of the "Techniques" in Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū are jokes that would work only on the very gullible (Hey, look a 10,000 yen note ie about $9 US behind you) the style there has some really insane ki manipulation techniques.

I originally wrote up Mousse for 4e using GURPS Classic Martial Arts and have fully brought him up to 4e on the GURPSwiki
Yes, "magic martial arts" that don't work in the real world will be different.

As for real-world martial arts, watch some matches of various forms of martial arts. If the initial exchange does not result in a win, I have rarely seen a pair of martial artists not start circling.

As for the rest of my statements, position, timing, and footwork are the core of every single practical martial art, and you will not find a single practical martial art that does not use them. These three things; position, timing, and footwork, are recognizable in every single real-world practical martial art.
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