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Default Re: Summon Scout Spell--No Birds?

I think the idea is to prevent super-easy aerial reconnaissance.

I like to rule/interpret/change that both Images and Illusions cannot reveal much that the wizard doesn't already know about unless they fool someone who knows something the wizard doesn't into reacting to them.

However, I think it's hard to logically hold my ground on this position without making some changes to the rules-as-written.

But I do think that must have been Steve's intention - I think he just didn't think it through hard enough to realize that. Or maybe he just didn't want the existing situation getting worse with a new spell that has even longer effective duration for the ST.

I personally do extremely dislike easy aerial observation. It destroys far too many normal observation, exploration, and tactical situations that I don't want destroyed that way, if a wizard can just create birds whose eyes he can see through.
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