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Default Re: Summon Scout Spell--No Birds?

Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
This prevents a trivial exploit of the rule at ITL 54: "or a party with a flying scout".

Also the "small mammal" restriction excludes poison attacks of a reptile or insect.

Note that 90% of this can be achieved with an illusion of an eagle or giant poisonous snake, at twice the fatigue cost.
I would think this would be the reason to want to have such a spell. It is supposed to be useful after all. I sure don't see it as an exploit.

I think of the movie Beastmaster as a reference.

Of course, it could be one of those scientific references. It has to be mammals, because of some magical reason. (like no iron for Wizards)

Overall, I'd allow it for the spirit of what the spell seems to be about.
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