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Just about, the only X that is actively weirder was the Ace of Spades. Of course collation of a box and whatnot may mean more or less X's in a particular box.
I've never asked for a specific count/guarantee of any given rarity per box, and it bothers me that people STILL think that's what I want.

I'm just trying to figure out relative frequencies of rarities. I understand statistics, and that it is possible to get 0 X in a box even when the frequency of X's is (hypothetically) 1 out of 10 packs.

Also: It's worth noting that, since X rares and Alt art X's are the same frequency, X rares are substantially more difficult to obtain than they appear. This is because while your odds of getting an X rarity card in general may not be high, only a fraction of those are the unique cards.
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