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Default Re: Can you Parry a Bear?

So this creates the weird situation where if you do a shield bash it is a 25 pound attack, if you shield rush it is only an 8 pound attack.
With a Shield Bash you only have to accelerate the mass of the shield. With a Shield Rush you have to accelerate the mass of yourself as well as the mass of everything you are carrying. On a surface that has considerable friction. So naturally, the force of impact of the latter is lesser than that of the former.

A 130 pound attack for a ST 8 person throwing their whole weight into a slam/pounce/shield rush seems right.
You are not dropping on your opponent vertically from a considerable height. you are rushing him horizontally while having contact with the ground.

ADDENDUM: One might additionally argue that the area of impact of a Shield Bash is smaller than the area of impact of a Shield Rush, since it might be doubtful that you connect with the whole broad side of the shield when bashing.
Feel free to add 'IMO' where appropriate.

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