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Default Re: Seeking Cinematic Social abilities *short of* mind control / reading / supernatur

Charisma with Area Effect (every party you throw has the most interesting people). Over-amped versions of Body Language, Detect Lies, Lip Reading, Disguise, and Acting. Subliminal use of Gesture. Social Status with No Signature (you're just that regal and noble). Social-aspected Luck advantages. Social Chameleon with Cosmic to help you slum as well as pose. A social Bang! skill. An Aura of mild euphoria. Mind-reading with limitations that make it non-telepathic but instead based on conversational gleaning (sense based, takes time, etc.). Switchable clothing. Your own soundtrack that people only hear in their heads and don't notice overtly. Afflict or remove personal social attributes. Modular Claim to Hospitality. Empathy with lots of enhancements.

Edit: Here's a few more - Allies of various kinds (summonable footmen, crowds of cheering fans, ...), real-time information (could be built in various ways) on who is who (add person-location tracking too), Detect: Advantages/Disadvantages.

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