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Default Re: Power-Ups for RPM?

Originally Posted by Refplace View Post
I think this goes here more then anywhere else.
I want a power up or idea for a race of trees that can gather and store a vast amount of energy. They do not need to do it fast.

Originally they had ER for the regular magic system and I am looking to make the change to RPM but want to keep the concept. Each tree is a central aspect of an elf village and they can gather energy from the earth and sun and store it for use by the village. I do not want them to be major casters, though I am ok with some being able to use magic. However they are primarily support for a village or Dryad. The concept can be extended to other things as well.
a high ER can still work but does anyone have other ideas?
RPM now has rules for mana levels what about making the trees natural mana enhancers with a wide selective area? They would not precisely gather energy so much as concentrate it making it much easier for your village or Dryad gather energy in the area.
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