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Default Re: Power-Ups for RPM?

Originally Posted by Humabout View Post
Firstly, that's a really cool idea. Consider it yoinked.
Thank you and your welcome to it :)
The race can be PCs so I want a point cost for it. In the setting much of Magic comes from the sun and is absorbed by the earth and the trees are able to act as a middle stage and draw upon both sources.

Originally Posted by Langy View Post
You could have the Tree able to gather energy, and only gather energy. Rather than build it up as a giant ER battery, build it as something like this:

RPM Battery - 10/level

Statistics: Magery (Assisting Others Only, -60%) [4/level] + Natural Caster (Assisting Others Only, -60%) [6/level]

Allow Natural Caster to be taken as many times as you'd like. You'd also probably want to buy Thaumatology and the nine path skills at 1 point and Natural Caster of 3, for a total cost of [22]. The tree would be able to cast spells at IQ-3, or collaborate with others in a spell as if they had the casting skill at IQ+RPM Battery Level.

Note that this is still pretty expensive, though.
Hmm, interesting. Though it means they can do this over and over again where before they could be exhausted for a bit. Also the Natural Caster Talent is too broad for my desires here. On the other hand it means the Tress can represent sources of Wisdom or Supernatural Calmness or something too.
This does make them better then other assistants, even other elves since even a young tree with only 1 level of RPM Battery can provide extra energy and not give the assistant hit penalty. Higher levels it gets even better and very quickly.

I am not too worried on the point cost though I want it manageable, especially since it helps others more then them.
The original version had an ER with CM (Dedicated Controls) so others could tap it.
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