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Default Re: Call for Playtesters: GURPS Social Engineering

Originally Posted by tg_ambro View Post
*Potentially dumb questions warning*

Is spending at least $50 on e23 in the last twelve months still a prerequisite? I've not spent as much as I'd like to in a while. I would like to participate, but I'm not sure if I'd be able to.
Yeah says so here.

A subscription to Pyramid will no longer be required to become part of the playtester pool. Instead, the playtester pool will be made up of registered e23 customers who have spent more than $50 in the past 12 months. Of course, a twelve-month subscription to Pyramid will put the buyer into the playtester pool the twelve-month subscription is $70.
I also put in so I hope I get in as well. My game is at a perfect point where this would be a very useful supplement, they are caught between a load of bickering supernatural factions all of whom are trying to gain a upper hand. One of the PC's even has Gadgeteer (Social) as a trait...which is downright scary at this point since she is using it to try to convince one faction not to fight another while covertly aiding a third with her wealth. Its been a blast GM'ing it!


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