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Default Re: The Shadow Court of HM Queen Elizabeth II

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One of the goals has to be to get the real Security Service up to speed, at least eventually. Does the Shadow Court prefer to find someone who has seen and knows and contrive his transfer into the Security Service (and to promote his brilliant career there), or does it prefer to find promising people already in the Service and contrive that they shall see and know (and subsequently enjoy brilliant careers)?
(Then) The Hon. Eliza Manningham-Buller was the first MI5 chief to buy the goods of sale entirely, being convinced by Commander Peter Clarke, the head of the Metropolitan Police Service Counter Terrorist Command. Other senior officials vary in their views. Some rebel againt the very idea of unprovable evidence, but others are prepared to listen to the explanation that most tidily covered the inexplicable files on their table.

Sir Jonathan Evans, the Rt. Hon. Baroness' successor, is prepared to accept her explanations of the supernatural, but is more focused on the threat of mundane terrorism than he is on the paranormal and generally prefers to look for a non-magical explanation. The estimates he privately makes about the extent of supernatural crime in the UK are notably almost an order of magnitude smaller than estimates prefered by Baroness and other 'hawks' within the Shadow Court.

All in all, the Security Service is probably the branch of the governmental which is most sympathetic to the views of the Shadow Court. There are elements within the police and armed services aware of the supernatural as well, but there is a lot of resistance toward acknowledging this within the senior ranks.
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