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Default (Unofficial) FAQ of the GURPS Fora

Greetings, all!

This thread contains a collection of questions and answer that come up with a noteworthy frequency either on the forum or in the wider GURPS community, or that carry very significant implications that they're worth posting pre-emptively. They're not necessarily well-sorted, and are unwieldy to organise into neat categories despite prior attempts. So search this thread by terms of art relevant to your question.

NOTICE: I'm removing those uFAQ entries that are already in the oFAQ. So the uFAQ will start looking thinner. However, it will still be used for frequent answers that did not yet get into the oFAQ (as it's updated once a month, and with a delay).

EDIT: From now on, all updates will be posted in the end of the thread as regular posts before inclusion into the oFAQ (if they're deemed important enough).

Possibly-useful read: Before you start using GURPS - READ THIS FIRST.

If you feel there are important Krommquotes that should be added here, PM me.
Vicky 'Molokh', GURPS FAQ and uFAQ Keeper

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