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Default Re: Call for Playtesters: GURPS Realm Management

As an outsider to the process (albeit one who has paid attention in the past), I've observed that "in production" means "the author's work is 95% done, Kromm's work is 95% done, and now they're doing the hard part to make the product look like an SJG GURPS product". This includes making sure the tables are laid out properly; aligning the artwork, line quotes, and sideboxes so they don't overlap the text; and making sure the artwork matches the book. It can also mean commissioning of new artwork.

And Christopher has said this is a very crunch-heavy book; I'm expecting several tables and plenty of side-boxes.

This is stuff that takes time by a layout professional to get it looking just right; it's not the same as a self-published fan-book made by exporting a Word doc to PDF. (Also, December is terrible for such things, due to the holidays. Everyone but the bandits slack off the last two weeks of the month, and even the bandits relax between Christmas and New Year.) Be thankful SJG has a very good staff who prize quality over rushing the job; I'm looking forward to the final product, whenever it shows up.

(The last 5% from both the author and Kromm in these cases is usually a final proof of the finished product before it goes out the door, at least from what I can tell.)
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