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Which is as good a reason as any as to why you might find a scrapper ;).
Well, as noted: If one changes the CA from "one each for driver and gunner" to "one for both driver and gunner", the space problem is solved (and it's a bit cheaper, to boot :) ).

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If memory serves the Police Cruiser in another supplement needed to dump its ammunition if you wanted to fit the number of passengers indicated and stay under the weight allowance.
That was the _CC_ Cruiser -- "Note: If two prisoners are taken in the cruiser, half the spikedropper ammo is dumped so the cruiser stays under weight." [_DCW_ 61]

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It seems police vehicles are often illegal - ironically ;)
Part of why, back-when, I came up with my own set of "police vehicles" -- I kept finding myself saying "if this is what the cops have to use, no wonder society is falling apart".

For ex.: A "pursuit" police car might be a _Mini-Sherman_, or my _Joseph Special T_ with the Super plant; while one of the Wagons, or the "cargo" model _Piranha_, or the "taxi" I posted above, would serve as a "paddy wagon" (prisoner transport) for after the main festivities. :)
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