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Picasso by Swordtart:
Luxury; Extra Heavy chassis w/6 Tires (Dualies); Heavy suspension;
Sport PP w/SCs, Overdrive with 10 pt. FP CA;
6 Solid Radial tires with HDHTM.
Link, HDHTM and Overdrive.
Driver; Gunner with 10 pt. FP CA (4 spc).
2s Turret T. with Recoilless Rifle with 2 extra Magazines and magazine switch 20 rounds HEAT 10 rounds std,
Paint Spray (B) with extra mag and 50 std rounds with 10 pt. FP CA,
Hi-Res Single Weapon Computer (RR and Gunner);
HD Shocks, HD Brakes, ABS;
160 pts. FP (F: 32 R: 32 L: 32 B: 32 T: 22 U: 10);
2x10 pt. FP Hubs F; 2x10 pt. FP Guards B;
Cargo 30lb no spc.
Cost: $42,250, Wgt: 6,600,
HC: 4 (5), Top Speed: 120 (140), Accel: 10 (20,5).

The Picasso is an agile long range road cruiser, suited to the light courier role. Its exceptional handling, deep magazines and respectable armour and top speeds endeared it to the more cautious courier who preferred to RUN than GUN.

That said, the reliable recoilless rifle coupled with a dedicated gunner and a high spec targeting computer means that it can generally hit what it is aiming at even at road speeds. The switchable magazine with both armour defeating and burst effect munitions means it is ideal for light but extended engagements with small bike gangs and their ilk. It is not really suited to slugging it out with larger vehicles and relies on a clean pair of heels and 250 yards of continuous paint to escape to fight another day.

It has limited cargo capacity means that it is generally used as a "glovebox" mail carrier. If the gunner is left at home, large cargos can be carried, but this removes one of its significant advantages. Between runs that 30lb can be used for dischargers and personal equipment.

A bit expensive perhaps, but with all with HS enhancing doodads and a maxed out driver it should be quite slippery. The ability to accelerate at 20 and drive at 140 without worrying about most hazards is a real bonus. A Gunner 2 will also bring even those low profile bikers into the reticule, lobbing burst effect until you get the range and then pin-point HEAT to maul them.

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