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Well, to begin with: The CWC Police Cruiser is an illegal design -- not enough spaces. I think the CA around the driver and gunner is supposed to be one unit, not two; but the description says "each of driver, [and] gunner".

That out of the way: Most ex-bronze cars I see become taxis, or cargo haulers; so that's the direction I'm going with this.

Lux.; XH chas.; Hv. Susp.; Sport PP w/SC [3,300 PF]; 4x Solid tires w/ SB; Driver, Gunner. 2-sp. Tu.; RR (HEAT am.) [Tu.]; FCE [B]. 3x 10-pt CA (Dr.; Gn.; PP); H-D Brakes; O-drive; Cargo: 2 spaces|200 lbs. FP Armor: F: 35; L, R, B: 30; T: 40; U: 19; 2x 10-pt. FPWH [F]; 2x 10-pt. FPWG [B]. Acc.: 10; TS: 120; HC: 3. $28,885; 6,600 lbs.

Expensive, but swift, and far better armored than the cop car.

Now, the Police Cruiser I'm more familiar with, the one from _Crash City_, looks more like this:

Lux.; XH chas.; Hv. susp.; Super PP [2,600 PF]; 4x Solid tire; Driver. 2-sp. Tu.; RR [Tu.]; SD [B]; SS [B]; Link [SD-SS], 3x 10-pt CA (Dr., PP, Cargo space). Cargo: 4 sp.|400 lbs. Plastic Armor: F: 40; L, R, B, T: 30; U: 15; 2x 10-pt. WH [F]; 2x 10-pt. WG [B]. Acc.: 5; TS: 100; HC: 3. $16,350; 6,600 lbs.
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