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Default Re: The shurkin challenge.

Sorry but Dynamax has you beat (not my design, from AM's stock car list):

Mad Bomber -- Van, Standard chassis, Heavy suspension, Large power plant, Fire Extinguisher, 4 Heavy-Duty tires, Driver w/SWC and 10-pt CA, 9 Heavy Rockets Front, Junk Droppers Left and Right and Back each w/10-pt CA, Link (5 HRs), Link (4 HRs), Link (all JDs), Composite Metal/Plastic Armor: F10/10, L0/9, R0/9, B0/9, T0/1, U0/1, 2 Fake Wheelguards Back, 4 Fake Wheelhubs, Gear Allocation: [13 lbs.], Acceleration 5, Top Speed 90, HC 2, 5987 lbs., $9982

Same cost as your Sui-Shirukin. Just add blow through concealment to the HRs and use the junk droppers to escape (unlikely but safer than an ejection seat which makes you a clay pigeon). Exploits the van's 10 spaces of possible front weapons. Vans no longer suck (as much) with CA.
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