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Default Re: Good ways to limit space travel?

Originally Posted by Calvin View Post
The 1g thing I my current hacky solution to gravity on spaceships. It is/was my one TL^ thing to tie things together. You do point out the problems with that though so It's probably best to drop it.
Any reasonable set of numbers, using hard science (the only way to go that way is to throw something the other way), 1g acceleration for more than a day or two would require energy sources not much more plausible than teleporting using a Ring of Wishing. I'm getting numbers that look like gigawatt outputs out of a laptop battery, and, just as unbelievable, the ability of the drive to survive that kind of energy density. That's some hot exhaust.

Honestly, if rotating (or counter-rotating, to avoid gyroscopic effects) or just plain living in microgravity doesn't work for you, artificial gravity is probably no more magical than 1g interplanetary travel. It also avoids implications of 1g travel that you are searching for a solution for.
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