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Default Re: Good ways to limit space travel?

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
Sustained 1 G is seldom used with the words "TL9" "hard science"and "limited". You probably have to scrap this drive is you want limited space travel in pretty much any way. Sustainable !G would allow for very reasonable STL interstellar travel.

Also, any propulsion system even one that has to be Emergent Superscience that still acts in a Newtonian framework that allows for trips of 144 AU will go twice that far under some sort of circumstances.
The 1g thing I my current hacky solution to gravity on spaceships. It is/was my one TL^ thing to tie things together. You do point out the problems with that though so It's probably best to drop it.

The Jump drive seems like a pretty good solution, though I do still need some sort of sublight drive, or other way to get around the system. Each one has it's most distant planets at 48 AU from the star, so ships still need some way to manage their longest trips being about 48 AU without everyone being geriatric by the time they arrive. Or I remove all of the outposts and colonies too far from the star.

The other thing to consider is Lagrange points. I had intended to put [interesting things] at those points. Trojan planets in the L4 and L5 of the stars, space stations at the L1-L3 points. Though some of them are nicely at half the 144 distance. So maybe the jump drives need to be charged near a star, and then run off of that battery. They can either expend the full charge to jump to another star, or spend half to jump to somewhere else with the ability to jump back. It even nicely solves my in-system travel problem. Jump ships just need to store some charge to be able to get back from the outerplanets so they can charge at the star.
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