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Default Re: Good ways to limit space travel?

Originally Posted by Calvin View Post
I'm working on a new campaign for my group and need some help. TL9, hard scifi, and somewhat more serious.

The campaign is set in a trinary star system. The two primary sun sized stars orbit each other at ~144 AU, leaving them both enough room for their own set of interesting planets. Further out, at 288 AU is a smaller star orbiting the barycentre of the two larger stars, it also has it's own set of planets.

My current plan for space travel is to have some as yet undetermined drive allow for constant 1g acceleration, with that providing "gravity".
Sustained 1 G is seldom used with the words "TL9" "hard science"and "limited". You probably have to scrap this drive is you want limited space travel in pretty much any way. Sustainable !G would allow for very reasonable STL interstellar travel.

Also, any propulsion system even one that has to be Emergent Superscience that still acts in a Newtonian framework that allows for trips of 144 AU will go twice that far under some sort of circumstances.

You need some sort of non-Newtonian Superscience drive to enforce a hard range limit. Some sort of Jump or hyperdrive that required a target star and did not permit jumps to the middle of nowhere and di not allow for jumps of 288 AU might do the trick. Introduce the 288 AU drive when you desire.

If you drastically shorten the trips in normal space by jumping over most of that 144 AU in the middle you can use a much more hard science drive that could not travel 288 Au in less than decades. If it travelled no faster than our Voyager probes it could take centuries. Hundreds of AU is a long,long _long_ trip for a hard science propulsion system.
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