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Originally Posted by corwyn View Post
What, is it Lars archery video thread season already?
Looks like it. Weird how this video seems to pop up about once a year, just like clockwork. Anyway, I'm closing this thread, and I went through and closed all of the other threads except one, so we can keep this topic in one place:

And please note my response in that old thread:

Originally Posted by PK View Post
What he's doing has no relation to combat skills in GURPS. He isn't using Bow, he's using Bow Art, which covers using a bow for techniques that look amazing despite being of no actual martial use.

If you want to simulate what he's doing in GURPS, roll vs. the lower of Bow Art or Fast-Draw (Arrow), with all applicable penalties for both, but bonuses for TDM and appropriate gear (e.g., a low-draw bow and custom quiver). Success fires one arrow in the general direction of a target, plus one additional arrow for every two full points of success, in a single second.
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