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Default Re: [High-Tech, Ultra-Tech] Targeting systems questions

There is a highly related thread here.

Reading there I have learned:

I should probably pick up a certain issue of Pyramid.

I'm not the only one who is sceptical about using the bonuses from telescopic sights and rangefinders at close range.

I'm not the only one who thinks that the HUD Sight should give +1 to hit or skill instead of +1 Acc.

There is good reason to think that low magnification of (at least) TL 9-10 Enhanced Targeting Scopes is silly.

People seem to think that a rangefinder should work automatically and immediately. I think that makes sense (at least at TL 9+).

To always wear a Laser Detector!

That a modern assault rifle with a sight mounted 3" over the bore and zeroed at 50 yards has a bullet path that does not deviate more than 2" from the line of sight within 250 yards.

And now I am wondering what a passive rangefinding sensor would look like...
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