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Default Re: 3e-4e Vehicle Conversion Question

Originally Posted by cccwebs
Sadly, there is no easy conversion available until a 4e Vehicles book comes out. If you really want to try, get a copy of the 4e update rules and use the quadratic ST conversion {4e ST = Sqrt(10* 3e ST) }for Arm ST (add Striking ST for damage) and the massive creatures rules for body ST {ST = 2 * (cube root of weight in pounds) }. It's not perfect, but it will pass until some beter conversions are published.
Thats pretty much that I had in mind if no one else can suggest a better way. But for striking damage (with Mecha) I think I will use my own formula; Swing = (STxST)/100 and thrust about half of that. This way it would follow the same principle as the lifting strength (which seems more realistic to me...) and the values below 20 even gets pretty much the same as in 4e damage table.
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