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Default Re: 3e-4e Vehicle Conversion Question

Originally Posted by Lupus
I've been wondering how to calculate Body ST for Mecha easily, so that I could use the new 4e strength rules with them. And apparently the arm ST with robot arms also has to be calculated differently. Most of all I really would like to know how to calculate the effect of extra load on the Mecha's movement, and on the leg ST for kicking purposes.

And doesn't the structural strength affect the HP or ST values with anything but with it's weight? For example if the vehicle is built with extra-heavy structure? So wouldn't that affect the hit points and structural strenght also (extra payload capability), just as in 3e rules?

Any thoughts how to deal with these issues?
Sadly, there is no easy conversion available until a 4e Vehicles book comes out. If you really want to try, get a copy of the 4e update rules and use the quadratic ST conversion {4e ST = Sqrt(10* 3e ST) }for Arm ST (add Striking ST for damage) and the massive creatures rules for body ST {ST = 2 * (cube root of weight in pounds) }. It's not perfect, but it will pass until some beter conversions are published.
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