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Default Re: Do the Archery rules cover this?

Originally Posted by vierasmarius View Post
I'd let a half-draw offset some of the -6 penalty for Quick-Shooting Bows. As a technique, -2 damage (or -1 per die) would give a +4. As a Hard technique, you could raise it to full skill for [3], or [4] if you require an Unusual Training perk. As mentioned under Quick-Shooting, in a realistic setting this could be at an additional -4 if attempted in combat.

Fast Draw is a separate issue, IMO. The fact that he's holding the arrows in-hand (presumably getting a bonus to Fast Draw but a penalty to Bow) hints at where his expertise may lie.
The interesting thing here is that GURPS makes it more a feat of Bow than Fast-Draw (Arrow). Drawing two arrows with one hand in a second is two rolls at +0 and -2, and having the arrows in hand must give at least +2, in addition to a large out-of-combat bonus. Quick-Shooting Bows with a Dual-Weapon Attack requires three Bow rolls at -6, -10, and -10 with a significant size and range/speed penalty (even 10 yards is -4), a multitasking penalty for holding the bow and spare arrows at the same time, and a large out-of-combat bonus.

I agree that this could be turned into some techniques. It might make a good Pyramid article ...
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