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Default Re: Campaign idea: the Shattered Lands

Originally Posted by Infornific View Post
On a tangential note, I remember a D&D blogger who came up with the idea of a campaign using only monsters from the Fiend Folio. He concluded you would wind up with something feeling more post-apocalyptic than vanilla fantasy. You might consider filtering for monsters that are a little weird & unnatural and weeding out more mundane & mythic creatures to give more of an "After the End" feel.
I actually don't want to do this for a couple reasons—one, I want the premise to free me, not constrain me. Also, in that article on the world of OD&D, one thing it did really well is conveying the wonderful weirdness that can be delivered by encounters which aren't typical for modern fantasy RPGs but are very much something you might find in fantasy literature or older myths—like the dryad who wants to charm a PC into remaining in the forest as her companion forever.

I do, however, like the idea of having a region that is literally ripped out of GURPS After the End, complete with mutants and radioactive craters. Another idea is to drop some steampunk tech somewhere. The fact that GURPS and DFRPG are mostly-compatible with each other means the possibilities are endless.
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