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Default Re: Discussing Yrth History & Evolution of GURPS MAGIC


The good news is - that absent any specifics in "Rune Magic" and Clerical powers etc - we can either do one of two things:
There is still no indication in Banestorm that sanctity based spell casting exists on Yrth although advantages like True Faith and Healing do exist and are not included in the 2%.

In the end? The prevelance of magery within a population is strictly a world building decision. If you make this a genetic issue, assuming that Magery is a recessive gene, then to obtain a roughly 2% population with a purely recessive gene sequence, you would have to have Magery depend on 6 genetic factors. The value would be 1/2^6 which is 1.5% of the population.

If on the other hand, you wanted to go with Magery 3 depends on a purely recessive gene set up for 10 sites, the odds of having a pure Magery 3 type of individual would be 1/2^10 or .097 percent of the general population. You could then monkey around with the idea of saying that variations in sites 7 through 10 determine various effects such as Magery 0, Magery 1, Magery 2 and even one college magery etc. But that is a detail that I really don't want to get into. If you really wanted to be nasty, one could easily make it that Genetically speaking, to have a pure magery 3 character, the magery genes are also linked with genetic disorders that MUST be present for it to express itself (ie become functional). Frankly? Genetics make me want to run and forget numbers at all... Statistical analysis is NOT my forte. I'm fine up to pre-calculus. ;)
Pray allow me to mess up your calculation by pointing out that while Banestorm does explicitly say that you have to have inborn potential to be a mage, it doesn't explicitly say that people who are mageborn can't train up their level of magery. (Although it does indicate that 90% of mageborn are left at 0) I would say levels of one college magery are probably the product of personality and training and not purely genetic.

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