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Default Re: For SJ, where's the Move and Defend and option?

Possible solutions

1. Add option (b2) for disengaged figures, Move and Defend. You could allow move of 1/2 MA, 1 hex, or whatever, but that would help all the examples above.

2. Reinterpret the phrase about option choice. Instead of reading the moment "its turn to move comes", as meaning that possible options are determined in the movement phase, just say instead options are determined "at the moment its turn to act comes". Or elaborate the rule for "changing options" to somehow allow for selecting options that weren't available to you at the start of movement.

This might work, but TBH the current wording is all over the place. And because the only Defend option is still (k) Shift and Defend, and "shift" is elsewhere defined as remaining adjacent to enemies, this is still unclear. Much more unclear than it needs to be

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