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Originally Posted by PBarone714 View Post
Which bow can be used from horseback? Longbow, regular bow, short bow, composite bow, crossbow, pistol crossbow, or prodd?

Historical or modern?

Short bow, Composite Short Bow, or the various crossbows (at least one shot if its already loaded).

Being at least familiar with horse riding and proficient with bows, there is almost no way you could accurately shoot, or frankly even fully draw a long bow (which is the only way to shoot a bow accurately)
You might be able to shoot some of the smaller varieties of "regular" bow, though you would probably only be able to in specific angles from your bow hand side.

If you want to play a game of "what could I maybe do", then Im sure a case could be made for any particular brand of craziness at a high enough difficulty modifier.

Its more about the size of the bow, a compact compound bow would honestly be the ideal if you had to shoot a bow from horseback. A full size bow of any variety would be the same issue as a long bow.

Crossbows of course you can shoot, but reloading will be the same challenge it would be doing it while riding a bike or other equally difficult situations.
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