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Ped Exploiter Bike -- Heavy Cycle, Heavy suspension, Small Cycle power plant w/SC, 10-pt CA (Power Plant), 2 Motorcycle Puncture-Resistant tires, Cycle Windshell w/10 pts extra Plastic armor, Cyclist w/BA and PFE and 10-pt CA, 2 Passengers each w/BA and 10-pt CA and Heavy Anti-Vehicular Rifle, Sloped Plastic Armor: F10, B8, 2 10-pt Cycle Wheelguards, Acceleration 5, Top Speed 100, HC 2 (3 @60mph), 1298 lbs., $6338

Originally Posted by Magesmiley View Post
In Car Wars, hand weapons carried by cycle passengers can be surprisingly effective for their cost/weight. I'd probably go for a HAVR or a man-portable RL carried by a passenger (with a laser scope) myself.

PP + driver + cycle passenger + 2x CA (cyclist, passenger) = 4 spaces
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