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Default Re: [MH] Inhuman Templates: Yōkai

Originally Posted by Sorenant View Post
Thanks for the advice!
Why do you suggest Discriminatory Smell? On one hand I like the idea, it would add a "wild" flair to the template and being a good tracker would make it more fearsome, but on the other hand I'm not sure where to get the points for it.
My current intention is to reduce Regeneration to Regular and buy Discriminatory Spell with 10 points left to spend on something else. Fast Regeneration is good, but I felt it was somewhat crass so replacing it with Discriminatory Smell is probably a good idea.
That's what I'd do. Regenerating 1 HP/hour is pretty great overall and adding enhanced perceptive capability is a good idea in general. Besides, you can allow them to purchase it as a power-up later on.
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