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Originally Posted by Kieddicus View Post
Phiwum, the plague zombies could totally just be feral zombies from the BOU. Though TBH in my own game I'd probably change the feral zombie to the plague zombie. Because I too like my zombies to be slightly slower. I don't think I'd allow clubs though, just HTH and biting.
Yeah, probably right about the clubs. Romero Zombies didn't really club people much (ignoring his later movies). Don't know what I was thinking.

I should also be a little more clear on what I mean by ST -wounds. I was just meaning how much damage the one attack does. So if you have ST 12 (8) and take another 3 hits from a zombie it is only a save versus your ST -3, not -7.

Putting all numbers aside the spell could be worded as such:
"Unlife Plauge - (C)
infect all corpses and living beings in a MH with a zombie infection."

Shostak, I like that spell idea. I think I'd drop the 3-hex one though to make it fall in line with other single target / MH spells. It also might just be easier to say the greater of ST or master's IQ to avoid dividing and 0.5s
Then the save roll is against at least 19, since that's the minimum IQ for Zombie. Only autofails would result in a takeover.
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